i'm so glad you're here!

My intuition tells me you landed on this page largely in thanks to your desire to see the world and discover your place and purpose within it. And how synchronous ~ that’s exactly why I created this space!

All of the resources available here are provided to get to the core of what moves you and help you thrive as the ultralight beam that you are. Here’s a quick breakdown of everything you need to know about navigating the site so we can get to navigating the depths of your soul.



But who am I, you ask? 


I am a dancer, storyteller, adventurer, and artist on a mission to spread love and aid the conscious evolution of our planet. Through dance and travel ~ my two greatest passions ~ I’ve discovered this mission and am dedicated to sharing all I know to help you unlock your higher purpose. If you’d like to learn more about my background and how I got here, please feel free to check out my About page.


Dancehall and hip-hop music
Selenite crystals
Pineapple pizza
Mantra-based meditation



want to learn more?

So you’ve felt the pull of something more ~ a mysterious feeling lurking below the surface, luring you in with promises of magic beyond a conventional life of unfulfilling work and passionless relationships. You long to see the world, dance to the beat of your own drum, and live in harmony with your true soul purpose.

Would you believe me if I told you that the life of your dreams is within reach?

Head over to the blog for practical tips and advice to get you started on your travels, both inward and outward. I hope it will inspire you to dance through life rather than making it a hustle and grind!



Are you ready to dive deep?

The beauty of the spiritual path is that everything you need to know lies within, but a mentor can be just the catalyst you need to really cut through your layers of conditioning and get to the core of your true nature. I’m here to be your mirror and help you open to your authentic power, taking you back to your innate wholeness.



come hang with me!


I run monthly women's circles and am in the process of putting together various workshops and retreats to help you find more balance in life, love yourself more, and dance your own divine light. Keep up with all upcoming events on the Events page.