Vintage Love in Virgil Village


I knew it was going to be dangerous when I saw a vintage shop across the street from my apartment. It got worse when I walked in for the first time and realized it was actually a goldmine of vintage treasures and rare designer finds. To top it all off, the owner Eric is a super cool musician from Michigan who instantly made me feel welcome in the neighborhood.

From the start, I joked that Recollection was going to be my second closet, and it's actually turned out to be 100% true. It's always a treat to run across the street and find pieces of clothing with history to breathe new life into. So imagine my excitement when Eric agreed to let me and Polly raid the shop for a shoot in our little slice of LA.


Sandwiched between East Hollywood and Silver Lake, our area has recently been dubbed Virgil Village as more local businesses have started to pop up along Virgil Ave and Hoover St between Santa Monica Blvd and Beverly Blvd. It's a cool little hood with easy access to all of Northeast LA's most vibrant pockets.

It feels so great to have a community again. To open my front door and wave to friends and neighbors. To visit my local spots for affordable groceries, amazing coffee, the best brunch, and gorgeous flowers and gifts.


All of these photos were taken just outside my front door. We got so lucky with the assortment of vintage cars on the street that complemented our aesthetic as we moved through the decades.

First, channeling the 70s vibes I've always associated with Los Angeles in denim patchwork bell bottoms and a kitschy graphic tee, then pushing forward with 80s-inspired stirrup overalls and a Betsey Johnson babydoll dress from the 90s that begged for 60s-style accessories. Shopping local has never been so easy.


| PHOTOGRAPHY | by Polly Cannella

| CLOTHING | from Recollection

| STYLING | by Amanda Boleman