Tri Hita Karana


| PHOTOGRAPHY | by Polly Cannella and Amanda Boleman

After a whirlwind night partying in Bali’s notorious Kuta Beach area, we headed further south to Uluwatu for a bit of rest and relaxation.

Of course we had to get one Kuta night under our belts first ~ especially since it was a bit of a uni reunion, as Polly and I joined forces with our old DePaul buddies John and Billy. We wasted no time getting wasted, downing free drinks at Sky Garden, dancing on stage, ditching thirsty Japanese girls and raging face until 6am on the beach, in the pool and everywhere in between (special shout out to our epic early morning Mini Mart dance party).

Needless to say, we had a serious need to chill the next day and where better than Uluwatu’s stunning Padang Padang Beach?

Padang Padang is just one of Uluwatu’s many highlights. In two days, we managed to squeeze in a motorbike trip around the area, a visit to Uluwatu Temple, delicious eats at surfer hotspot Single Fin and health-food paradise OmBurger, and shared plenty of Bintangs (Indonesian-brewed beer) with old and new friends alike, including a former Collingwood footy player from Australia!

In the midst of one of many “one last Bintang”s, a Balinese tailor named Tantra joined our group and taught us about his Hindu background and the Balinese philosophy of Tri Hita Karana ~ the three causes of well-being. He told us that in order to prosper, human beings must always have oneness with others, oneness with the environment and oneness with God. That is the basic principle.

My heart swelled over listening to him speak, feeling the closeness of the perfect strangers around me. It reminded me of a quote I’d underlined the night before in Polly’s copy of Siddhartha by Herman Hesse about traveling to connect with people and places, further opening my mind to the idea of oneness with everything and the beautiful eternity of every instant.