Landsharking in Santa Barbara + Six Flags in the Rain


Right before we head off on a weeklong trip through Utah's national parks, I wanted to share a few videos Roman made from our latest escapades. Both include super fun activities you can do on a visit to California, particularly if you're staying in the Santa Barbara or Los Angeles area. It seems appropriate to group the videos together since they introduce a few key players you're sure to see all throughout our epic Utah adventure. First up, we've got a highlight reel from our visit to Santa Barbara to see Marjan (plus some fun footage from the last 4Skin Five show and an unfortunate event that kept us in SB one extra day!). Marjan is one of my oldest friends, going back to elementary school, who is sadly leaving California to pursue a degree in documentary filmmaking at NYU. I couldn't be more stoked for her, and have done my best to attend all the wild shenanigans she's planned for her farewell to the West Coast. Utah is definitely the biggest thing on the calendar, but you know I'd take any excuse to travel and visit her in Santa Barbara. Tempt me with a party bus that turns into a boat? Duh, I'm there.

You can book your own landshark right here.

Now, fast forward to a few weeks later. Have you ever had a theme park all to yourself? We did, and holy fuck it was awesome! This next video is all about a day trip we took to Six Flags for our friend Nathan's birthday, complete with Roman winning a Go Pro when we went to take shelter in the arcade to wait out the rain. Can't wait to mess around with it in Utah and get some amazing content to share with all of you!

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