Stuck on Repeat: Thaitanium - Ta Leung


We've been missing music festivals and concerts like crazy since we got to Thailand; not many artists make it all the way over to this part of the world! We were even considering dropping like $200 to see Taylor Swift before her Bangkok concert got canceled due to the coup. But what we've missed out on in attending shows, we've made up for in learning new music from our friends from around the world.

Ever since our Thai friend Pims introduced us to this song a few weekends ago, there hasn't been a day that's gone by without one of us busting out an involuntary "ta leung baybaaay." It usually involves hip wiggling or suggestive finger waving, as the phrase ta leung in Thai means that you're sexually promiscuous ~ a man/woman eater with a bit of a naughty streak. At first I found the idea of Thai hip hop to be pretty hilarious (especially with a name like Thaitanium), but there's just no denying the catchiness of this club hit. And the group definitely gains some street cred for their collaboration with Snoop Dogg.