Shaking: The Ultimate Release


Are you sick of being stuck in the same old patterns? Ready to break free and release anything that's standing in your way of shining as the ultralight beam that you are?

It's time to shake things up.


In this video, I walk you through the πŸ”₯fire-building practice of shaking πŸ”₯to thaw out the negative effects of fear and stress.  


This powerful medicine releases tension and stagnant energy, increases circulation, and allows energy to flow freely and nourish every cell in the body. A few of the benefits include:

  • Developing an intimate connection with your body
  • Tapping into all parts of yourself, especially those that have gone numb
  • Clearing trauma and fear by dissolving blocked, frozen energy
  • Accessing your wild nature, shaking your way to untamed liberation
  • Releasing and letting go

Give it a try and see if this practice works for you. And remember to breathe!


Start by shaking your right hand vigorously for 30 seconds. Hold that up to your left hand as though you're holding a globe. Can you feel the difference? Does your right hand feel alive and vibrant?

In as little as 10 minutes, you can get that life force energy pulsating through your entire being. Keep it super simple and turn on your favorite song. Shake each part of your body for 10-15 seconds, setting your intention to release everything that is no longer serving you.

Don't be afraid to get crazy with it! Get down on your back and shake your legs in the air. Rock your hips back and forth and wake up your pelvis. Let your tongue hang out and release any sounds that want to come out. If you feel ridiculous, you're doing it right (proof: see video).

Shake as long as it takes to let it all melt away. Try closing your eyes or wearing a blindfold to go deeper into the invisible realms.


Can you feel the release? What sensations or emotions came up for you?

Are you more alert and awake? Do you feel energetically drained?

In what ways do you feel more deeply connected with your body?

Let me know in the comments below!