Rebirth of the Goddess

Photography || by Polly C Photography

As the collective divine feminine rises, I feel the goddess within me being reborn like never before. She refuses to be suppressed anymore. Her nurturing, healing energy has been on the verge of extinction for far too long, not unlike the planet she walks on. 

But unafraid, she knows that death is an integral part of the transformation process. Her entire existence reigns over the cycles of life, death, and rebirth.

So die she has again and again ~ in mass shootings that could have been prevented and reproductive procedures gone wrong. To ignored mental health issues and sexual abuses that destroyed her to the core.

But make no mistake, she always rises from the ashes, nourishing her creations with love and compassion. I am honored to share her stories in all her forms as I embark on my own goddess path, reborn.

Stay tuned for more goddess magic in the coming weeks.