Movement in Stillness


Do you consider yourself a balanced person? Do you get shit done, yet still make time to chill and relax? Have you found the sweet spot between movement and stillness? 

The insights I share in today's video completely changed my life. After learning how to differentiate between emissive, masculine SHIVA energy and receptive, feminine SHAKTI energy, I can now spot where I'm falling out of balance with ease. I hope this practice to cultivate both will leave you feeling more balanced.


All of life is a dance between pure awareness and total surrender. Sometimes circumstances call for us to exert large amounts of life force energy with pure focus and effort, but we can’t forget to give ourselves days to be emotional and raw, creative and magnetic, effortlessly drawing our desires towards us rather than exerting force, pushing, and striving. 

It is only when shiva and shakti combine that action, movement, and creation can arise. 

find movement in stillness

Sit upright in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Take 3 deep belly breaths here, pushing the stomach out on the inhale and drawing the belly button into the spine on the exhale. Bring your awareness to the space between the breaths, dissolving into pure, still silence.

Invite subtle movement into your body as the energy starts to rise, swaying your body from left to right. Snake the arms and roll the neck, allowing movement to arise from the stillness. Trust the flow that’s guiding you and move with grace, elegance, and ease.

Plant your feet into the ground and feel the shakti energy emanating from Mother Earth. Allow it to lift you and guide you around the room, moving freely. Following the breath, visualize energy flowing from the base of the spine to the heart, and from the heart to the crown and back. You may feel a vibrant electricity, tingling, or expansive, buzzing sensation. That is shakti moving through your center channel.

When it feels right, bring yourself back to stillness. Let the energy dissolve back into pure consciousness. You can switch back and forth between stillness and movement until it feels complete.

pause and reflect

Can you visualize the energy flowing back to one point of awareness? Can you dissolve everything back to the space between the breaths?

What came most naturally to you ~ stillness or movement? Do you feel more balance after cultivating both?