A Journey Through the Valley of the Goblins


Most of Utah made my jaw drop in awe, but there was something especially magical about Goblin Valley

Located in the San Rafael Desert somewhere between Capital Reef and Canyonlands, Goblin Valley is a Utah state park often likened to Mars. The red landscape is dotted with hoodoos and hoodoo rocks, known locally as goblins, that pop-up like phallic mushrooms as far as the eye can see.


As we walked into the valley, the backdrop seemed to vibrate in the distance, shimmering in 3D against the nearly cloudless sky. The few clouds that did exist helped to block the sun, and took on the form of swirling shapes with twinkling rainbow edges. They danced above like fairies in the sky, and I couldn't help but get emotional over the sheer beauty of it all.

Behind us, the King Goblin Palace ~ a Mayan temple-looking rock formation fit for royalty ~  sat majestically in the distance, but I was more interested in immersing into the goblin world completely.

Every turn presented a whole new world to explore - from tiny mushroom houses to grumpy goblin lairs. You could even see their frowny faces etched into the sides of the cliffs. Using a bit of imagination, you could practically hear them chanting, "Do not enter." 

But however sneaky goblins can be, nothing could stop us from pushing forward to explore. It reaffirmed that exploring is all I want to do every single day of my life. To keep pushing myself to new heights and continue finding God in the stones, sky, and stars.


There were a lot of beautiful moments that day, but what stands out most is the way nature tapped us into the divine feminine. Maybe I was just feeling the girl power of being with two of my most badass female friends, but there was no denying that strong female imagery emerged everywhere we looked. 

At one point, I kissed Roman goodbye and ran towards Marjan perched on one of the crumbling green rocks. Libby joined us and the power of feminine energy became palpable. Through tears, we talked about the future, feminism, and just how incredible women truly are.

I'm so grateful to be surrounded by such powerful women. Emotional, intuitive, strong women. Women that are unapologetically themselves and fight for balance and equality in our still male-dominated world.

Even when the patriarchy appears to be in control spiraling out of control, the truth remains that the future is female. You can feel it rising in our passion to protect Mother Earth, our increasing compassion towards all races, classes, and genders (despite what one insignificant POTUS might say), and our push for equal access to education and the arts.


I kid you not, you could actually feel the feminine emanating from nature. Somewhere in the middle of all the dick-shaped goblins, we discovered the ultimate vagine. Libby stumbled upon a cave with the narrowest of openings, only allowing us to enter if we slid in from the side. Once inside the pitch dark tunnel, it opened up as though we were actually in the vaginal canal, or in another time and place entirely.

We allowed ourselves to crawl through without light until we reached a drop-off point. Out of safety, we lit it up to reveal a cool chamber with smooth rock edges we used as seats. We hung out there for a while, looking up to a sliver of light coming in from the top - mostly speechless from the shock of chancing upon such a special spot. We could’ve climbed further up towards the light seeping in, but agreed that there was still so much to see. One by one, we slid back out of the narrow entrance with the feeling of being reborn.

From there, we were ready to go beyond the wall. All day, we had our own individual adventures, and broke off into smaller groups to explore, but going beyond the wall was a group effort.

This wasn't the easiest feat due to the nature of the crumbling sandstone ~ those untrustworthy goblins could collapse beneath you at any moment. So we helped each other climb up tougher rocks to get to what appeared to be the top of the peaks. I heard each person gasp or shout in awe at what was on the other side, and hurried to get a glimpse of my own.

The rock formations below looked like different cities on a map ~ a vibrant stretch of desert with formidable mesas in the distance and welcoming stretches of green. It stopped me dead in my tracks.

How can you not be paralyzed by the beauty of Mother Nature's mysteries?