Even from far away, we won't forget this day to give thanks.

Not that there needs to be a special day to express gratitude, but it's nice to have the reminder nonetheless.

Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in what we're doing and forget that there are so many beautiful things in life to be thankful for. For me that includes:

Waking up next to the person I love and the 15 extra minutes of cuddle time we factor into each morning.

The smiling faces of my Thai neighbors as I bike through the neighborhood.

Fresh tropical fruit to add to my smoothies and the most delicious street food when I don't feel like cooking.

The freedom to fly to a different country for a weekend and the new faces, places and cultures to discover.

Family and friends, both near and far, who light up my life more than they'll ever know.

Good books.

Yoga in the park.

Dancing until the sun comes up.

So much gratitude for this wonderful life. I hope to keep this in mind today and every day. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone back in America. Hope your day is full of light and love!

Image via Free People