Fairy Stream


Leaving our sandals at the entrance to Mui Ne's magnificent sand dunes, we stepped barefoot into the shallow, sandy stream, letting the glassy water wash the day's dust from our feet. But unfortunately, we had arrived too late.

The sharp canyon wall to the west of the stream blocked the sunset light from fully illuminating the bamboo shoots and splashes of red and orange sand that lined the water. With the right light, I knew this canyon would be something special and I vowed to return in the morning to watch the sun rise over the rolling dunes to the east of the canyon wall.

I was not disappointed. Blessed with clear blue skies, the sun rose gracefully over the eastern hills, giving life to the magnificent blaze of fiery red and orange sand formations on the river’s edge.

A local woman from the fishing village passed with a peaceful smile on her way down stream to begin the day’s labors. I envied her morning routine.

The water trickled over the soft velvet sand beneath my feet. I stepped out of the cool water at the bottom of Fairy Stream feeling rewarded for my second effort and early rise.