Dope Digs: Totem Terrace


While living in Thailand, it was mandatory to leave the country every 3 months to renew my visa. I'd take any excuse to visit a new place, and it allowed me to see the entire region in just under 2 years. Since I got to California, those trips to faraway places have slowed to a halt - with the exception of a trip to Jamaica last November. To keep myself sane, Roman and I have turned into weekend warriors, finding the most badass Airbnbs (this is an affiliate link that will give you $40 off your first Airbnb stay) across the state to spend time with friends and get out of the city. First, there was the trip to Malibu that brought together some of our oldest and dearest friends, where we pretended to elope on the side of a mountain and turned heads with a sunset wedding photography shoot on El Matador State Beach. We rented out the guesthouse of this big Malibu home and stayed up all night drinking and playing board games and laughing so hard it hurt.


Next, after a failed attempt to go to Mexico (due to intense rain throughout the area), we packed up our bags to visit the vacation destination of Ramona, California. Okay, so it's more like Trump Country in the middle of nowhere, but it was 100% worth the trip to stay at this geodesic dome.

Dome Asylum is a hippie haven with gorgeous landscaping, an aquaponic garden, and a natural pool and hot tub (with fish!). The vibes are so high, you instantly feel at ease when you step onto the property - perfect for holing up for the weekend with no reason to leave. It rained off and on throughout our stay, but we didn't mind. It was the perfect excuse to circle around the pellet stove, sipping on wine and watching movies or playing games from the Dome's extensive collection. What a great reminder that trips built around rest and relaxation are just as important as action-packed adventures.

I think that's why Airbnb has become so wildly successful. It gives you a slice of home while you're on vacation, reminding you it's okay to just slow down and behave as you would at your own house. Of course it's a blast to hit the ground running when you get to a new place, but sometimes the sole act of switching up your surroundings can be just as invigorating. Traveling abroad is my bread and butter, but when it's not in the cards, a visit to a sick Airbnb is all it takes to get me in a new mindset.

And if getting great photos is of importance to you while traveling, Airbnbs make for some of the best. Just look at this place.


Built into the side of a mountain in Topanga, Totem Terrace is one of the dreamiest spaces I've ever seen. You become one with nature as half the home is outdoors, while each room opens up to a view of the vast canyon before you. Magic can be felt in every single detail - from the Nepalese prayer flags hanging above you to the outdoor bathtub overlooking a little piece of heaven.

Being with Polly, of course we had mess around with some editorial stuff of our own. That girl always knows how to make me look and feel like a goddess.


Especially during this love bird session with my boo. Polly has such a knack for making couples feel comfortable on camera - even when it's a faux wedding shoot! It was so fun to do something that was a little more us and create memories we'll always be able to treasure from our time together.


I hope this inspires you to go make some memories of your own! If you haven't already signed up for Airbnb, go ahead and do so through this link to take $40 off your first stay. The coupon never expires, so you can sign up and it will save to your account for a future trip. For those of you that are already all about Airbnb, let me know about your favorite stay in the comments below.

| PHOTOGRAPHY | by Polly Cannella