NJOE IT: Coachella 2017


When it comes to festivals or big parties, I pretty much like to have nothing on my person. No shoes, barely any clothes, and absolutely no purse if I can swing it. The less belongings, the better. I'd even prefer to leave my phone behind, which makes me a pretty awful blogger as it doesn't leave a lot of room for documentation. Sometimes a girl's just gotta be free. But luckily for me, Roman is rocking out as a vlogger now so I'm about to have content on stacks ~ starting with this epic video from our trip out to Indio for Coachella 2017.

It was my first time actually attending Coachella, although I had a blast hitting up all the parties around Palm Springs last year. You can seriously make a whole weekend out of doing just that, but I recommend getting the full festival experience at least once.

But I recommend planning ahead a bit more than we did.

Roman and I were peer-pressured into getting our tickets just 3 weeks before the festival, so trying to find a place to stay wasn't the easiest feat. The best way to do it is to rent a house with a group of friends well in advance so you can laze away your hangover at the pool before heading into the festival each day. After baking outside in the sun all day and dancing into all hours of the night, there's nothing better than going back to an actual bed and a fully stocked fridge. Kudos to the people that camp on the festival grounds - I'm not sure if I could handle waking up in a tent in that unforgiving desert heat.

But because I'm absolutely terrible at planning in advance (if you've read this blog before, you know I do everything on the fly), neither of these options were even on the table. So we did the next best thing: rented an RV. You might think the next best thing would be to rent a hotel, but prices are astronomical over both weekends of the festival and get booked out pretty early on. The RV was the way to go.

And surprisingly, finding somewhere to park it without any prior notice wasn't as much of a headache as I thought it would be. We could've found something way nicer if we'd done it ahead of time, but lucked out with finding an RV campground with everything we needed on the drive up. We got free breakfast vouchers and shuttle passes to the festival, along with showers and clean bathrooms - oh, and a pool! What more can you really ask for?

Guys, I'm going to pause here for a second to say - I really have zero photos from the entire weekend. All I took was this one Insta Story on Day 2:

It was hands-down my favorite day of the weekend since we spent the majority of the day at the festival. We got in super late on Friday night so I missed some of the major acts I wanted to see, but we made the most of it and danced our hearts out at the silent disco. Sunday was much more chill - with the exception of pool partying in Downtown Palm Springs - to ensure the rest of the week at work wouldn't suck. But Saturday was jam-packed with so much music and dancing, culminating in fan-girling out over Lady Gaga.

I'll let the videos do the talking rather than going on and on about what we did and who we saw, but one thing's for sure: we definitely NJOED IT.