An Artsy Day in DTLA


Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) hasn't always had the best reputation, but over the past decade, a cultural renaissance has transformed it into a vibrant district bursting with history and art. Working within the TenTen Wilshire building, I've had a blast getting to know the area over the past few months, exploring my new home with the same zest I take to my travels. The best part about moving back to the US has been the amount of time I've been able to spend with family and friends, especially those that live in the same state!


For our first California meet-up after I arrived back from Thailand, my childhood friend Marjan and I decided to make a day of exploring DTLA when her friend hooked us up with free tickets to The Broad.

This contemporary art museum is a dream for the pop-art obsessed, housing a collection of over 2,000 works of art from the likes of Jeff Koons, Roy Lichtenstein, Cindy Sherman and more.


ABOVE|  Michael Jackson and Bubbles - Jeff Koons; Desire - Ed Ruscha

BELOW (CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT) | Balloon Dog (Blue) - Jeff Koons; End of Line - Takashi Murakami; Femme d'Alger - Pablo Picasso; I...I'm Sorry - Roy Lichtenstein

One of my favorite pieces at The Broad was this floor-to-ceiling image by Barbara Kruger ~ a work of art created to support reproductive freedom for the Women's March on Washington in 1989 (the year I was born!).

It struck me how much the statement still rings true almost 30 years later, something that speaks to the timelessness of Kruger's work, but that also frustrated me to no avail for the fact that politics are still trying to control women's rights in regards to our own bodies.

After a leisurely lunch spent catching up, Marjan and I made our way to Grand Central Market. We were already stuffed from devouring delicious salami & kale salads at Tender Greens, so I used our visit as an excuse to take notes and salivate over everything I want to try in the future. Definitely need to do this GCM food crawl soon!

We rounded out the afternoon with sundowners at Perch, a boho-chic rooftop bar with French fare and killer views of DTLA. Sipping peach bellinis, we clinked our glasses in a toast to years of friendship and my recent move to such an incredible city.