A New York Welcome


Lugging my 50 pound suitcase down 5th Avenue with hundreds of people weaving in, out and all around me, I felt one of those big, goofy grins spread across my face. Maybe it was delirium from the 30+ hours of travel I had just endured, but really I think it was just NEW YORK CITY.

Ever since I was a little girl with big dreams of being "an actress," "a singer," or scratch that, "a rich girl," - yes, I actually wrote that in one of those All About Me books when I was a kid - New York was always the place I pictured myself living the good life. Just a few days into being here and I can already feel those teenage dreams rushing back at me with full force.

There's just an undeniable pulse to this place ~ from the art and the fashion to the eccentric personalities and the mash up of cultures from across the globe ~ that always leaves me feeling so energized, despite feeling like I could sporadically collapse onto the nearest park bench thanks to my extreme jet lag.

I'm having some computer difficulties, so posting may be patchy until I get back to Minnesota next week, but just wanted to check in and say it's so great to be back on American soil!