5 Ways to Access More Insight


I told you all about the magic of Burning Man in my last post, but you may be wondering how you can infuse a bit of that magic in your own day-to-day life. It was a question that was burning in my own mind, so of course I went back to Camp Mystic to listen in on a talk called, ‘The Science of the Sublime.’

Led by Neuroscientist Dr. David Rock and Blue Man Group Co-Founder Chris Wink, the seminar explored what makes an experience sublime ~ something that is truly next level extraordinary ~ and how we can replicate that again and again.

As humans, we crave experiences that move us and affirm we are exactly where we need to be ~ just like my beautiful experience with Marcus. By studying the way our brains work and letting our creativity run wild, we can learn how to access insight and create magical moments all the time. But it starts with choosing to tune in.

All of us have the power to access insight from the universe and find the sublime in our everyday lives. I believe our path and purpose are buried deep within us and we’re brought into this world to discover that purpose one way or another. Along the way, we have the power to use those insights from the sublime to be a force of positive change for ourselves and others.

Read on for 5 ways you can start today…

Pay Attention and Trust

The Celestine Prophecy, one of my favorite books on spirituality, first introduced me to the idea of being more conscious of the coincidences that occur in our lives. It’s about practicing mindfulness and being aware, so you can study and learn from your life rather than letting it pass you by.

Awareness is the key to all change, and you’ll be surprised what you can unlock the moment you start to pay attention. Soon you’ll see serendipity and coincidences in every single day. Make note of them and look for any common threads or patterns. These clues are sent to guide you.

Secondly, you must trust that the universe is leading you exactly where you need to go. We’re never truly in control, so acknowledge your helplessness, lean into it, and let go. Surrender and watch how the universe provides.

Pro Tip: Journaling has always been the best way for me to recognize the patterns in my life. Writing on the regular shows me where I’ve been and what I’m moving towards. It’s crazy to read through my old notebooks, journals, and diaries, making new connections and realizing the building blocks that led to where I am today.

Kill the Noise

Our minds are constantly running a mile a minute, filled with distractions and repetitive thoughts. According to Dr. David Rock, we need to learn how to quiet our minds if we hope to access the sublime. A quiet, internally focused brain can tap into insights much easier than the mind running on overdrive.

The simplest way to do this is through meditation. I know better than anyone that it can be next to impossible to quiet your mind when your first getting started, but it gets easier with practice.

Pro Tip: The key to stillness is accepting that your mind may never be free of thought. But rather than trying to stop your thoughts, shift your perspective and allow your thoughts to pass. You hold the key with your reaction to your thoughts. Try focusing on your breath and allow your thoughts to come and go. Watch them pass by and realize that you don’t have to give them any emotional attachment. Keep returning to your breath until you reach a place of stillness ~ otherwise known as the insight goldmine.

Think Positively

Fear and self-doubt block your path to deeper understanding and higher consciousness. When you approach things positively, you’ll receive much more insight and find that you’re already on the path to the sublime. Hard times will always arise, but it’s the way you deal with them that will set you apart.

Pro Tip: When a problem does show up, try working around it rather than focusing directly on it. Say you struggle with procrastination and it’s starting to affect your work. The more you focus on it, the easier it will be to let negative thoughts sink in. Rather than beating yourself up, redirect your energy into creating a morning routine that gets you in the mindset to get shit done. Forgiveness and positive thinking will free up your emotional resources to access the insight you need to fix the issue at hand.

Get Your Ducks in a Row

Although you can start tapping into the coincidences at anytime, you need to have your basic human needs met to access the sublime on the next level. It’s hard to stay positive or keep your minds focused when you’re worried about where your rent money is going to come from. This doesn't mean you can't focus on spirituality when you're down and out ~ in fact it should become part of your practice more than ever ~ but don't get frustrated with yourself in the times when you aren't operating at your highest frequency. Take the time to get back on your feet and do what you need to do to simply be okay. The sublime will be waiting for you with open arms whenever you're fully ready.

Connect with Others

Our brains function off of interactions with others, allowing us to look at things with a sense of joy and wonder. Connectivity, such as communal dance experiences, help enhance insight and give us the feeling that we're all in this together. Reaching the sublime is so much easier when we feel safe and connected. Of course we can bliss out on our own, but there's nothing like togetherness to fuel euphoria. And wonderful things happen when you experience a sense of awe.

Pro Tip: I can attest to the euphoria of togetherness and connectivity through communal dance experiences after trying Ecstatic Dance in Bali. I remember releasing all of my self conscious feelings as I whipped my body around in every direction, feeling the energy radiating off the people around me. It was simply sublime.

And now you know how easy it is for you to access too! Tell me, how do you receive your best insights? I'd love to hear your stories!