You are pure magic. A light beam of stardust in human form. You have so many gifts to share in this lifetime. Do you know what they are?

I was still in the shadows about my own gifts until recently. Honestly, I'm still learning about them daily! I've spent most of my life in motion, trying to put all the puzzle pieces together. Traveling to over 40 countries to help me find my place in this big, beautiful world. Dancing every day to pick myself up through suffering and pain. Rushing to go everywhere and tick life experiences off a list as if time was going out of style. 

What I didn't realize is that I wasn't giving myself the stillness I needed to see the answers were already buried deep within me. 

So I cultivated a meditation practice, studied ancient religions, and even lived with a Buddhist nun. I connected with something much bigger than me and discovered my spirituality. I was living in Thailand and traveling around Southeast Asia at the time, trying to change my habits from the past and fit into this new idea of what I thought I should be. But something about my path was still overcast with guilt and shame.

I didn't fit the mold of the celibate ascetic, nowhere near ready to give up sex or renounce to a cave to meditate the day away. My love for pineapple pizza and cider was equally as present as my affinity for green smoothies and yoga, all of which left me wondering, "Where do I stand?" I want to live a transcendent, spiritual life, yet still live out loud in this human existence.

Fast forward to my breaking point in early 2017. I was living back in the US, disconnected from my former life as a nomad and caught in the rat race. Trying to make a business happen that just wasn't working. My free-spirited soul was trying to fit into a box, blocking myself and losing touch with all of my spiritual practices. It was to the point that I wasn't even allowing myself to dance anymore, telling myself I had to stay parked in front of my computer at all times if I ever wanted my travel blogging business to thrive. 

My inner voice told me it was time to get moving again. The goddess was calling me to embark on her path. Over the last year, she's taken me to the jungles of Costa Rica and the beaches of Thailand, bringing me back into alignment with my wild and vivacious nature. She initiated me on the priestess path, revealing that what I needed to thrive was both my innate connection to movement and the stillness of pure Shiva presence. With sacred sisters as my mirrors and divine feminine archetypes to lead the way.

Which brings me to what I offer you today. 

I come to you in service as a vessel of divine love. To create a safe container for you to explore the workings of your inner mysteries. As an adventurer, dancer, and keeper of sacred feminine arts, I present a unique way for you to dive deep within and traverse the depths of your wild soul. 

There's going to be women's circles, workshops, retreats, and more. Dance parties, rituals, and magic galore.

My journey has shown me that there is nothing more transformative than travel, and no better way to access the mystical realms than dancing your way to the divine. Transformative travel and mystical movement will be at the core of our discovery, along with practices from a number of traditions, including: 

  • Yoga and Ayurveda

  • Shadow and archetypal energy work

  • Tantric and Tibetan Buddhist philosophy

  • Taoist sexual arts

  • Tarot + Astrology

My practices and initiations scale a range of modalities, inviting you to experiment and play with what best suits you. I can't wait to accompany you on your journey! 

All photos by Polly C Photography